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Simple, Sweet & Affordable Getaway Location


If you’re looking for a simple getaway that’s affordable, I have a recommended place for you to go, Beaufort South Carolina! A quaint historic town, its a serene setting with the century old oaks lining the streets and yards, each tree flowing with wispy Spanish moss blowing in a gentle breeze coming off the ocean. So relaxing and peaceful, you can enjoy shopping, food, coffee and sweet treats from the many shops located all around the downtown area. If you’d like you can skip driving and take a nice stroll or bike ride to the waterfront where there is a small garden with patio swings facing the ocean. You can observe boats passing and docks located nearby off of a small calm marsh, occasionally a pod of dolphins will pass through giving everyone a smile. There are even carriage rides that are offered to take tours of this simply beautiful & neat little town.


Being a historic area there are many historic amenities available to visit, one being right outside of town is the Old Sheldon Church Ruins, which is located in Yemassee, SC, not farm from Beaufort. The church was burned by the British in the Revolutionary War during 1779, it is believed that the church was later rebuilt only to be burned again almost 100 years later, really quite tragic but even in its ruined state this magnificent structure still holds captivating beauty.


Old Sheldon Church Ruins, historic site located in Yemassee, South Carolina.



A nearby state park called Hunting Island is also a must see if you are in this area, a beautiful island left almost completely natural with very few man made structures and no commercial chaos. A 130 foot light house sits next to the driftwood filled beach, you are allowed to climb the lighthouse and reach the top to find a magnificent view and see nothing but Atlantic ocean water for miles. It’s an amazing experience and I suggest getting to do it at least once in this lifetime, camping and nature trails are also available at this location. For someone looking to get away from the hustle and bustle to find a quite peaceful vacation, this is definitely a place to consider!


Hunting Island Beach




Hunting Island Lighthouse View.



So whether you’re just looing for a relaxing weekend stay, a tourist seeking new places worth seeing or a nature lover searching for the next nature friendly location to visit, Beaufort can offer all that and much more. You will not be disappointed if you visit this amazing place & everything it has to offer is affordable and some of it is even free. Definitely a location I would recommend to anyone because it has something for everyone, so please if you get a free weekend & would like a simple getaway, take this little town into consideration for a short but guaranteed sweet visit!




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