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Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Hi everyone! I hope this post finds you doing well, today we are going to talk about Valentine’s Day gift ideas, exciting right?! Okay, the New Year is well underway, bringing with it new adventures and the chance to make new memories & also brings all the holidays back around for us to celebrate once again. We all have our more favored holidays, for some its New Years Day, for others its the 4th of July, etc etc… you get the point, but for me one of my more favored is Valentines day. To be perfectly honest I think my favorite part about Valentines Day is all the chocolate & pampering, I’m just a tinyyy bit spoilt. Lol but with that being said my much less favored part about V-Day is finding my husband a gift that I know he will like & also it being somewhat romantic, which is almost impossible… So for the most part I have resorted to pretty much trying to bypass the romantic aspect of the gift & just get him something he likes, every now and again I will get lucky and find a gift that is both romantic and liked, I actually have one listed below but the romantic gifts tend to be more appreciated by women anyway, that’s helped removed a ton of stress for Valentines Day gift shopping, for me anyway, not so sure about for my poor husband though. He’s still stuck trying to find something romantic and not too cliché. haha

I decided to put together a small list of things to hopefully help some people out this year when they start shopping for the perfect V-Day gift for their significant other, I hope it gives you some ideas and makes your like a little easier this go around!


The Gentleman :

The Jerky Heart – Just about any man I know would go for this one! & this actually is one of those few rare gifts that can harness what a man really likes and add romantics in as well, there’s no better way to say “I love you” than with a heart shaped box full of jerky!



Baconluxious Chocolate Bar – Bacon plus chocolate equals delicious! Do not knock it until you try it, it is awesome & addicting so beware, you were warned. Lol My husband loves this stuff & he’s not even a big fan of chocolate! The company that sells it also has quite a few other combinations that are awesome too.











Monogrammed Steak Brand – You can surprise the griller in your life with this personalized steak brander because whats cooler that a branded steak, right??



Dynamite Fire Starter – Okay now ladies, to us this probably doesn’t seem all that great but to men who are most of the time obsessed with all things fire, this will definitely make their day, but don’t worry its not real dynamite!



Respect the Beard Shirt – Any bearded man will love this shirt, ask me how I know? I live with a beardy. haha




The Ladies:

Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans – Alright fellas if your lady likes coffee and chocolate, this is the PERFECT gift! You cannot go wrong with this as a gift & I promise all fellow chocolate/coffee lovers will appreciate it.



Infinity Necklace with two Initials Charm – Most women seem to enjoy jewelry & most women enjoy sentimental jewelry even more. So you’ll hit the jackpot with this infinity necklace that can be personalized with two initials on the charm, trust me guys she’ll love it.



Gourmet Chocolate – Once again we are brought back to chocolate (can you tell I’m a chocoholic?) this company has a variety of mixed flavors and gift boxes to choose from. You will be sure to find something your lady will love after browsing this heavenly site.



Valentine’s Day Socks – Who doesn’t love a pair of cozy socks? & who wouldn’t love a pair of cozy socks with V-Day prints on them? Exactly, no one so buy a pair or maybe even two!



Mr. & Mrs. Mug Set – This adorable mug set is sure to make her smile & is also quite useful if she likes hot drinks such as tea, coffee or hot chocolate. It can be personalized to be a timeless keepsake as well.



Variety Romantic Gifts – This is a webpage that has quite a few gift ideas to choose from if none of the ideas above will work for you.

Also don’t forget to pair your gift with some roses or any other flower that might be her favorite, every gal loves fresh flowers and ladies toss in his favorite candy with his gift to make it even better!

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all!



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