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Useful Farm Apps

We live in a digital world this day in time, it seems like most everything is run by electronics & many things can be done directly from our phones. Which can be quite beneficial for various reasons, one way I have benefited from our new age technology is herd record keeping apps. I like to keep records of my herd and it has grown large enough that I can’t just remember what everyone gets & when they got it anymore! I have several different forms of keeping up with my herds data but my newest found way is apps for my phone. It’s nice to have records on hand if I happen to need them randomly or unplanned, don’t get me wrong I still enjoy having my records kept on paper as well but I don’t always have my binder of records handy & I pretty much always have my phone, so some days the phone is just a life saver. I have used a few different apps & still continue to try new ones, I’m going to list some that I’ve found & hopefully it will be beneficial to you & your herd!

2. Birth Planner

3. Goat Breeding Calculator

4. Goat Spot Forum

5. Feed Cost Calculator

6. Feed Cost Calculator 2

7. Goat and Sheep Weight Calculator

8. Compendium of Veterinary Products (CVP Vet)

9. Free Farm Software (this is not an app but is a neat website)
These are a few I’ve found and checked out somewhat, they seem to all have good uses and perks, some are compatible with both iPhone/android and others only work for one. I hope it makes your record keeping easier & more bearable, happy farming!


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