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Ideas for Goat kid Names! 

Soon we will have bouncy bundles of joy to arrive at our farm, goat kids! They are some of the happiest baby animals you will ever meet, always playful & ready find the next thing they can get into. As of right now there is a good chance we will be retaining a doeling from our sweet girl Lily this year, so we will need a name for the darling little girl. Ask me how can I already know she will be darling? Because… She’ll be a baby goat and all baby goats, even when being extremely mischievous are undeniably cute and of course darling, just darling I say. Anyway we are welcoming all name suggestions, I tend to like names that aren’t very common, something unique & sweet!

Sweet Lily at 3 months & 3 weeks, I can’t wait for these sweet babies to get here 💖

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