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Kids Coming Soon!

It’s getting close to kidding countdown here on the farm, our first doe due to kid in 2017 is HHF LGE Daylily Frills, bred to Flying J Farms Sandstorm, a buck that lives in Virginia where Lily came from. Needless to say we are super excited around here, starting to get kidding preparations underway & make sure everything is ready for the arrival of the cute little tots on the way. Lily is due Feb. 1st, the poor girl is growing quite large, shes beginning to look like a walking barrel. Lol & also starting to develop her udder somewhat, I’m excited to see how her udder fills out & how she produces, she’s from excellent milk lines so I think she’ll do great! Our next girl due is Lil Mill Crk E Lee-Vie 10*, shes due march 3rd, almost a month behind Lily, then last but not least is Lachenbock’s MD Valerie,  so I will get a bit of a break in between each kidding.

That wasn’t the original plan for breeding this year but we didn’t get our new buck here (Green Gables Eclipse of the Heart B* aka Apollo) until a month after Lily was bred & then Maebelle (aka Lachenbock’s MD Valerie) didn’t take the first breeding so we had to do a rebreed and that put her roughly about a month behind Lee-Vie. Both Lee-Vie & Maebelle are bred to GG Eclipse of the Heart B*, I’m also super excited about these pairings. Especially Lee-Vie’s kids, both her and Apollo have proven milk genetics and have earned their stars, so I know we have some super milkers on the way!  Overall I am very pleased with all the breedings we have done this year and can’t wait to see what we get, it’s been a great year & the Lord has blessed us mightily here on our little farm & we pray He continues to as we bring in the new year of 2017!

I wonder how many babies are in there?? Hopefully all little girls!

2 thoughts on “Kids Coming Soon!

  1. We are anxiously prepping for farm babies here too! Our first is due Valentine’s day and they are piled up from there into late April. We have 2 goats and 4 sheep due this year, which is the most we have ever done at once before. Ought to be interesting…


    1. Oh wow sounds like you will be having a busy first of the year& possibly Valentine’s Day kids, how exciting! I follow your blog, hopefully I will see pictures of your upcoming babies!


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