Easy Peel Boiled Eggs


I have chickens, a lot of chickens… Therefore I get a lot of eggs, which at times end up being too many for me & my family. We sell some, give some away and of course eat them but we still seem to find our basket overflowing. So I started boiling them & my husband enjoys them for a snack while at work, it has become a weekly thing around our house. Also sounds like an easy enough thing to do right? Just boil some eggs, easyyy peasy.      Ha! Do it a few times not knowing how to boil them in order to make the peeling easier and you’ll never want to boil eggs again..  When every inch of shell you try to remove cracks into what feels like hundreds of tiny micro pieces, the inside lining sticks & rips away layers of your precious prize, it turns “easy peasy” into a nightmare & is enough to make you want to call it quits. So after many times of frustrating egg peeling results I decided it was time to look for a better way, I knew there had to be a “right way” to do this. I read up on a few instructive posts and gave the methods a try, grant it like all experiments it usually doesn’t go as planned the first few times but the diligent always prevail. (at least that’s what I told myself as I scraped the tiny micro pieces of shell off my failed attempt for easy peel boiled eggs) but turns out it’s true! I kept looking & trying until I found a way that worked for me, now I’ll share it with you in hopes you will read this BEFORE you boil eggs & save yourself some time and a lot of frustration. LOL

1. Bring the water in your pot to a boil. Decide the size of your pot based on however many eggs you plan on boiling, making sure there is enough room in the pot for the eggs to be completely submerged & still have room so it doesn’t boil over.

2. Then very carefully lower your eggs over into the boiling water using a large slotted spoon or wire basket strainer. Again I stress to be very careful! (our eggs are kept on the counter at room temp. because we get them fresh everyday, so be more cautious about placing eggs right out of the fridge into boiling water. It can cause the egg to crack.)

3. Once the eggs are in turn heat down until you have a gentle simmer. Boil the eggs until desired doneness, my husband likes his eggs to be soft boiled so I leave them for 6-7 minutes.

4. When the eggs have reached the desired texture put them into an ice bath for about 5 minutes. This is a very important key to getting those shells off easy!

5. After they have sat in the ice bath give them a few taps on the countertop all over, then peel away large pieces of the shell. Ahhh such a satisfying feeling to get the egg peeled in just a few quick seconds!


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