Just Goaty Stuff

Goat Health/Record Keeping Sheet

As the end of the year draws closer & we get closer to kidding season here on the farm, I start trying to make sure records are updated & everything is in place for the coming year. We have now reached the point to where it is too complicated to remember who got what & when they got it… too many goats for my poor brain to store all that information. So we now keep records on everyone to avoid mix ups and keep things on track, also it really seems to help me stay more organized. I’ve done quite a bit of research on Heath Records for animals offered online and in the end it was more beneficial for me to create my own using different ideas from my research & now I can share it with you. (:
The file is attached as a PDF so you can download and revise it with your information, I have the sections filled out as an example, please feel free to use this template!

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