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Why Mini Nubians?

There are many answers to this question & all the answers I have found have found make sense!  Full size Nubians are large, powerful animals that produce good volume of milk with a nice amount of butterfat as well. Nigerian Dwarfs give milk with a high butterfat amounts but not near as much volume, also can be difficult to milk with such small teats! Having Mini Nubians you get a wonderful mixture, higher butterfat than Nubians & higher volume than Nigerians, also easier to milk.
But there are other reasons too, standard size Nubians can weigh over 200 pounds. The average Mini is just about 100 pounds or less, thus making them much easier to handle when feeding, medicating, trimming hooves, milking, clipping or showing. In my book that’s enough reason right there!
Also very important to consider, a mini Nubian buck is much easier to handle VS a standard Nubian buck in rut…
With Minis being smaller they  are much easier on fences, feeders, milk stands, etc. and they  don’t require as much barn space.  
When you are ready to bring them home, Mini Nubians are not only easy to handle, they are also easy to transport. Even most adult Minis can fit in a large dog crate in the back of an SUV or truck, so most of the time no trailers needed!  Certainly can’t do that with a standard Nubian.

Also because they are so much smaller, they only consume about 1/2 the amount of feed. With mini Nubians, given the same dollar/food/space budget, you can have more of them. For the same amount you would need for 2 Nubian does you can have  4 Minis. Sounds like a better option to me! They are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to have a “back yard herd” or hobby farm. So hopefully for the skeptics I have shed some light on these amazing animals & possibly convinced you to try them, once you do you’ll be hooked!


4 thoughts on “Why Mini Nubians?

  1. We just bought two Nubian does this fall that are pregnant with Mini Nubians. We are planning to keep at least one doeling from them. The person who sold us the does said that minis make about 2/3 the milk as a full-sized with only 1/2 the feed – thus being much more efficient. We are looking forward to seeing how they work out.


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