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Keeping Goat Milk From Tasting “Goaty”

You can ask people if they have ever had goats milk and it seems like the majority will say no, cows milk is the go to for most households and what most people are raised on, so why would they try anything different? Well most people wouldn’t but I happen to be a little adventurous and wanted to branch out by raising my own dairy animals and reaping the benefits of raw milk, which when handled correctly is far from harmful and actually quite the opposite, being very healthy for you. (I plan on writing an article on raw milk vs pasteurized soon so stay tuned!)  Anyway back to keeping goats milk from tasting off or as many people call it, myself included “goaty”. The taste of the goat milk depends greatly on how it is handled but first off lets talk about the milk taste varying from breed to breed, Nubian & Nigerian being two of the more mild/sweet flavored, thus why I chose the Mini Nubian. I get the best of both worlds! Where as Toggenburg & Oberhasi goats are known for a more strong flavored milk, not my cup of tea or cup of milk should I say… So once you know you’ve got a breed that doesn’t have strong flavored milk there are still some steps & precautions you should take to have the best tasting milk possible. The first thing I like to mention is cleanliness, extremely important when handling raw milk! I only use stainless steel or glass for my milk because they are not porous & will not hold smell or bacteria. They can be cleaned to the point as if they were brand new, no icky germs sticking around in my milk. Having a clean goat udder & clean collecting/storing equipment is essential and will affect your milk greatly, I clean my girl’s udders with a mixture of essential oils and a few other ingredients. I do not use harsh chemicals but yet took care to research and develop an udder wash that will be strong enough to kill any bacteria the girls may pick up from the environment but not so harsh it will cause any issue with their skin.  Second thing I like to discuss is cooling the milk quickly. Goats milk has a high amount of lactic acid, which can multiply quickly in warm temperatures over a few days. If the goat’s milk is kept at a temperature higher than 38 degrees, then the lactic acid will increase & after a few days in that temperature it will cause the milk to have a stronger, goaty taste. Not good!  A common fridge temp is around 45 degrees, so check yours before storing your milk in there. The best thing you can do for your goat milk is to have it filtered & cooled within 15 minutes of milking, then store it at a temperature less than 38 degrees and you will have fresh wonderful tasting milk! I can’t vouch for how long it will last in the fridge, we have so much milk coming in I freeze it after it fills our gallon container & that usually happens every other day but I have read where people have kept it tasting great like that for up to a month. I think that will be trial and error based, one day ill keep a jug out specifically to see how long it will stay fresh.  The overall description I would give goats milk that is handled correctly is a taste similar to cows milk but a much smoother, creamy texture, with a hint of sweetness. A combination I prefer now!  So for all the goat milk skeptics who haven’t tried goat milk fresh from a farm, you should find a local dairy goat farmer and give it a try. Who knows, you might just like it!


2 thoughts on “Keeping Goat Milk From Tasting “Goaty”

  1. I’ve frozen the pasteurized store bought milk before but never fresh. Other than filtering are there any special steps you must do before putting on ice? Would you recommend cooling it in the fridge first? As far as thawing it, anything I would need to do afterward?


    1. hi! I don’t do any special steps other than filtering really well before I cool it, the reason I put it in the freezer right away is to ensure it gets cold as quick as possible. I have had some of my milk stay warm for too long and the taste was off to me, so I wanted to make sure it never happened again. LOL I’m sure you can do it that way though, it just didn’t work for me because my refrigerator didn’t cool it quick enough & as far as thawing it just shake the jar occasionally as it thaws and each time before you use it to ensure the fat molecules mix back in properly because they separate when the milk is frozen. Also if you didn’t want to freeze your milk completely you could just put it in the freezer for a little while to get it chilled quickly and keep an eye on it so it doesn’t fully freeze, we do that as well (:


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