Ahh Life💖

How to still have a “life” & own dairy animals, it’s DOABLE!

So for anyone who owns dairy animals or are looking into owning them knows its WORK & a lot of it… The animals need to be kept on a schedule & milked as close to the same times everyday as possible to maintain good production, so that definitely calls for dedication & someone always has to be around to milk the girls, whether that’s you or help from a friend & I suggest having a backup milking friend/helper just in case choice #1 can’t make it.
Having a “life” outside of the farm can be challenging, scheduling vacations can be stressful enough then you have to make sure your help is available the dates you need them & oh boy is it fun when they can’t be available when you have premade plans! haha Now with that being said there are different options you can choose, whatever fits your lifestyle or needs. If you want as much milk as possible, perhaps to sell it (check your state laws for selling milk!!) you need to have a fairly strict milking schedule twice a day to keep production up & consistent but if you’re okay with getting just enough for your family & maybe a few others you can be a little more lax, you can cut your doe back to once a day milking but still a good idea to keep her close to a consistent time schedule. Milking once a day certainly makes things a little easier, I was milking twice a day but cut back to once a day & also dried all of my does up but one. We only need enough for us right now so having only one goat to milk once a day has made a big difference for me! Now when I have girls that I put on a milk test I won’t get this leisure so I’m soaking it up all I can right now. LOL but if you don’t do milk testing or only do one day test then you have a wider variety of options to choose from. So just a few tips on making your life easier with dairy animals, whether you have them or want them. I hate to see people scared away from dairy animals because of the commitment that has to be made, to tell the truth I was very skeptical about it at first! BUT thankfully there are ways to work around it some & to be able to enjoy your animals without giving up time away from home. So if you have any questions feel free to contact me about what I have learned about making it a little easier, notice I said easier… not easy. Lol
Unfortunately any self sustaining thing you do will require quite a bit of effort & work but it is soooo worth it! I’m still learning things myself & hope to continue to through this farm life journey (:


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