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Homemade Udder Wash

I started my journey with dairy goats October of 2015, I learned quite a few of do’s/don’ts and have made much progress since then. I didn’t immediately start milking when I purchased my first two Mini Nubian does, it was about 7 months later before I was able to milk my first goat. I had a lot of time to look at all the things I was going to need to start milking, one of the first steps to milking is udder wash, which is a VERY important step so I wanted to make sure I got an udder wash that was going to get the job done right. As I continued my research on udder wash I found many of them sold online or in stores were loaded with chemicals and preservatives. Some of them even made with bleach, imagine that used on such a sensitive area twice a day everyday… Can you say ouch?? Lol I personally prefer to try to be as natural with my animals as I can be, I feel like it’s healthier and safer so I wasn’t satisfied that the only ones I could seem to find didn’t meet my goals of trying to use something that was strong enough to kill bacteria but not so chemically harsh it causes irritation of any type.  So after a brief spell of disappointment I started looking ways to make my own udder wash and I actually found quite a few people who prefer to make their own & use more natural ingredients. I went through many “recipes” & put together one that I really like, it isn’t 100% all natural but it’s much closer to being natural than most washes and nothing in it would be considered a harsh chemical. I have used it since I stared milking and have not had any issues with it, I feel like it has the right properties to take care of bacteria and also is moisturizing so no worries about irritation. I’m pleased with it and will continue using it! I make mine in small batches so it doesn’t sit for too long & I know it’s always fresh. I will post the instructions & recipe below, I do encourage you to do your own research on each of the ingredients so you know how they work & are aware of what you are using on your animals. Like I said before it has worked for me and I’ve had no issues, thank the Lord but this is not a guaranteed product and circumstances are different for everyone.

Homemade Udder Wash Recipe
Blue Shop Towels
6 Cups Sterile Water
1 squirt of Dawn Dish Liquid
1 Tablespoon Iodine
1/4 teaspoon Tea Tree Oil
1/4 teaspoon Lavender Oil
2 Quart Container w/lid

I take one roll of blue shop towels & cut it in half & remove the cardboard roll thats in the middle, I then insert the half roll into my 2 quart container & fill it with the sterile water, add all other ingredients & shake well. Then pull up a towel from in the middle of the roll just a bit so it’s poking out ready to use before milking.

*If you don’t have any distilled water on hand you can boil tap water for 8-10 minutes and it becomes sterile, just remember when you boil water it evaporates so add more water than the recipe calls for so you have enough after boiling. Also you can use regular paper towels to substitute the shop towels if preferred, I have used them when I didn’t have shop towels on hand and they will work but aren’t quite as strong as the shop towels and tear easier when washing the goats udder.
Please buy quality essential oils for this recipe, you need oils that are strong enough to kill bacteria!

Happy Milking!




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