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The Reason.

It’s December again, cold windy days, warm fires at night & cozy snuggles with hot chocolate. Mmmm, what’s not to love about all that? So many marvelous things that come with this time of year, including CHRISTMAS! Which is the topic of this post today, I wanted to write about something that has been on my mind recently about this subject. There’s so much hustle & bustle that come with the holidays, often we get so consumed with all the details and forget the real reason we celebrate Christmas…
The birth of our savior, Jesus Christ.
Yet even though that is the reason & should be the center of the holiday it often gets pushed out of the spotlight, between the tree, presents, glitter, glamour & other practices of Christmas a lot of households no longer focus on keeping Jesus in the center. I myself have been guilty of forgetting to keep Him as the main focus & let all other things we do in the celebrating of Christmas come second to that most important reason. I’ve thought to myself, one day when I have children what will Christmas mean to them? Will it be just the gathering of family, giving & receiving of gifts, decorations & lighted tree? Or will it be a time to still be able to do all those wonderful things but do it all in Jesus name with Him & His birth being celebrated instead of just the “day” itself being honored. When the time comes, I hope to raise children that know the real reason for Christmas but I first must take a step back & remind myself why we do what we do this time of the year & not let the Lord be pushed off into the background as a detail of Christmas. Jesus isn’t & never should be just a “detail” in Christmas but rather be the focal point, the very heart of the observance. Because who puts Christ in CHRISTmas, right? It pains me to see “X-mas” written or said, it deliberately takes Christ out of Christmas…
Don’t take Him out & don’t leave Him behind, we take this day to celebrate the birth of The King, lets keep Him in the center of Christmas & of all that we do. For He truly is
The Reason For The Season. ❤️  



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